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Cucina Dolce is all about nourishing the body and the soul. Italian for "sweet kitchen", our goal is to make the world a bit sweeter, one person... one stomach at a time.

About Dawn


Dawn has three great loves, food, history and magic and with Cucina Dolce she gets to utilize them all to bring you the best in culinary bliss. Taught the basics from an early age by two cooking goddesses in their own right, she took all that knowledge and researched it back to its very roots, both historical and magical. The flavor combinations she produces not only tempt the taste buds, they have medicinal/magical value. 


See schedule for classes currently being offered.

See schedule for what is being currently presented. We offer the following courses and more are always in the works.

Cackle in the Kitchen - An Introduction to Food Magic

Love and Chocolate

Potion Making with Food

General Cooking Classes

What's cooking in the cucina?